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MyBudgets is not for millionaires. Millionaires don't need to budget. Normal people do.

This program makes it very easy to produce household budgets.  (Editorial comment: The author is a "Budget Maniac" and believes that doing so is the best way to manage your finances, get bills paid off, and save for the future.   At any given time, the author always has budgets created for every pay period for the subsequent  twelve months.    This led to the creation of this program.

Once you have used the Configuration Menus to customize
MyBudgets to fit your situation (days of the month that you are paid, your monthly bills and estimated expenditures, etc.), you are ready to begin creating budgets for your upcoming pay periods. The Display screen has many features and it displays your Income in the top portion of the display and your Expenditures in the bottom portion and shows a running remaining balance based upon total income and your configured expenditures.

Two very time saving features are the ability to just select checkboxes for the monthly bills (that you created in the Configuration Menus) for a new budget and the use of Templates. Templates are a powerful feature that allow you to create budgets for upcoming pay periods using just one click.

There are countless ways to use the reporting and searching tools to review both past and future budgets in order to see your expenditures in the past and/or how much you are planning to pay in the future.  And ... much more!

This program allows for, in fact, two different 'users' so that each user in a household could (if so chosen) maintain budgets separately.
I imagine most households will only use the first user.

The purpose of MyBudgets is twofold. First, it is used to project and produce budgets for upcoming paydays and secondly, it is to be used on payday itself to make sure that you are remembering to pay each bill as you have scheduled in order to meet your financial goals.



Trial Version


The Trial Version is a fully functional product with no limitations that
allows you to test all of the features of MyBudgets for a 30-day trial period.







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At any time during the 30-day trial period (or after it has expired) coupled with you being happy with MyBudgets  (and we know that you will :-), you can click below to purchase MyBudgets.  Any major Credit Card or PayPal may be used. 
The cost is $19.95




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Version 2.4


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