Work Tasks

--- N O N . P R O G R A M M I N G . T A S K S ---

Oper.Oper.Task #Task
View/EditDel00002Waiting for WaTech to add DES\ADMTAdmin to ALL of the DES eclient workstations (Sent email to PJ Griffith on February 6th. Havent heard crap from her)
View/EditDel00005Talk to Mark --> I am going to need a VM with lots of horsepower as we have ordered ReplaceMagic
View/EditDel00350Finish housecleaning at I:\Old-DIS-Worddocs

--- P R O G R A M M I N G . T A S K S ---

Oper.Oper.Task #Task
View/EditDel00050MigratePCs --> Use the DoTimeDelay function found in VB program TestDelay to wait 15 minutes after all of the workstations have had Bitlocker turned off and rebooted
View/EditDel00101MigratePCs --> Open up the Microsoft support ticket (see text file Ticket-relating-to-ADMT-failures.txt found in \\des\doc\ETS\Network\DES-AD-Domain\MS-Support
View/EditDel00202MigratePCs - When the DL is created, modify the send mail to target the distribution list DES DL ComputerMigrationTeam instead of me
View/EditDel00303MigratePCs --> Turn OFF Bitlocker and reboot ALL of the machines before attempting the migration (See batch file RebootMe.bat found on c:\MigratePCs\essential on DESmsOly5002 then do 15 min delay
View/EditDel00505Document for Robin discussing my computer migration process and my user migration process. It does need to say we need ADMTAdmin added in by WaTech. See more below
View/EditDel00606Continue working on the VB program MigrateUsers
View/EditDel10010New VB program to update the SIP address of the ProxyAddresses field for each of the users just migrated by MigrateUsers.exe
View/EditDel10018DESGroups --> Code to write the History Log. Where in tarnation should that data be written to?
View/EditDel10088(IFMEMBER3) - Write IFMember3.exe (does NOT require the prior execution of Whoami /all)
View/EditDel10100(DESSERVERS) - Finish the DES Server database application
View/EditDel22000(SHOWFOLDERPERMS) - Can I modify ShowFolderPerms to look more like Windows Explorer so that it is easier to navigate from one folder to another and immediately see the perms.