Movies seen in alphabetical order

DateName of MovieActorsTheatre/LocationLenaJeffComments
12-31-2010 127 Hours James Franco Tacoma Grand Cinema B+  
01-01-2004 21 Grams Sean Penn & Benecio Del Toro Tacoma Grand Cinema A-  
02-14-2004 50 First Dates Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ C+  
10-23-2016 A Man called Ove Some swedish actors Tacoma Grand Cinema A- A-  
08-16-2014 A Most Wanted Man Phillip Seymore Hoffman Regal Martin Village 16 C- C+  
08-15-2009 A Perfect Getaway Milla Jovovich & Timothy Olyphant Century Theatres  
12-30-2002 A Walk To Remember Peter Coyote Yelm Cinemas Walked out of movie 
06-02-2002 About A Boy Hugh Grant and Rachel Weiss Port Orchard B-  
01-05-2003 About Schmidt Jack Nicholson & Hope Davis Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
11-21-2004 After The Sunset Pierce Brosnan Yelm Cinemas  
12-03-2016 Allied Owen Wilson Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
01-11-2014 American Hustle Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams Century Theatres B+  
01-24-2015 American Sniper Bradley Cooper Century Theatres B+ A- Saw two movies same day (American Sniper and Boy Next Door) 
10-11-2008 Appaloosa Ed Harris Midway Theatre, Chehalis D+  
10-28-2012 Argo Ben Afflecht Regal Longston Place 14  
02-25-2007 Astronaut Farmer Billy Bob Thornton & Virginia Madsen Regal Martin Village 16  
01-19-2008 Atonement Keira Knightly & James McAvoy Century Theatres A- A-  
01-27-2010 Avatar Sigourney Weaver & Sam Worthington Seattle Pacific Science Center IMAX B+ A+  
01-17-2010 Avatar Sigourney Weaver & Sam Worthington Century Theatres B+ A+  
01-17-2023 Avatar 2 Mostly CGI Lakewood Mall Cinemas Nowhere near as good as the original 
11-11-2006 Babel Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchette Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
10-13-2001 Bandits Bruce Willis & Cate Blanchette Lakewood Cinemas 15  
05-11-2014 Bears Bears, Wolves, Ravens, Eagles and very few humans Century Theatres B+ B+  
07-31-2004 Before Sunset Ethan Hawke Tacoma Grand Cinema  
12-25-2001 Behind Enemy Lines Owen Wilson & Gene Hackman California B+ Saw with Ian & Desiree 
08-18-2019 Blinded by the Light Some actors Edwards 21 in Boise B- Brennan and Nolan were with us 
12-27-2002 Bourne Identity Matt Damon Unknown/Do not remember C+ Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
08-18-2007 Bourne Ultimatum Matt Damon Lakewood Cinemas 15 Went with Ian and Desiree 
01-24-2015 Boy Next Door Jennifer Lopez Century Theatres C+ Saw two movies same day (American Sniper and Boy Next Door) 
08-09-2014 Boyhood Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke Tacoma Grand Cinema  
06-30-2012 Brave Kelly MacDonald Yelm Cinemas C+ B+ Allison's Birthday Party 
04-27-2001 Bridget Jones Diary Renee Zellweger & Hugh Grant Tacoma Mall Theatre D+ B-  
03-05-2016 Brooklyn Thespians we don't know Federal Way AMC Gateway B+ B+  
07-10-2003 Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey & Jennifer Aniston Universal Studios - Orlando, FL C+ C+  
08-07-2016 Captain Fantastic Some actors Tacoma Grand Cinema C+ C+  
01-19-2003 Catch Me If You Can Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hanks Gig Harbor A-  
03-28-2011 Cedar Rapids Sigourney Weaver, Anne Heche, John C. Reilly Regal Martin Village 16  
09-25-2004 Cellular Kim Basinger Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
04-13-2002 Changing Lanes Ben Afflect and Samuel L Jackson Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+  
01-12-2008 Charlie Wilson's War Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts Century Theatres B-  
05-24-2014 Chef Jon Favreau, Dustin Hofman, Sophia Vergara, Robert Downey, Jr.  Tacoma Grand Cinema B+  
09-15-2002 City By The Sea Robert DeNiro Lakewood Cinemas 15  
12-11-2004 Closer Julia Roberts & Jude Law Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- B-  
09-19-2003 Cold Creek Manor Dennis Quaid & Sharon Stone Lacey Cinemas D- C-  
02-01-2004 Cold Mountain Jude Law & Nicole Kidman Yardbirds Cinema 3  
08-14-2004 Collateral Tom Cruise Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- B-  
09-17-2005 Constant Gardener Ralph Fiennes & Rachel Weisz Regal Martin Village 16 D- C-  
09-10-2011 Contagion Matt Damon, Gweneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Lawrence Fishbourne Century Theatres  
01-16-2012 Contraband Mark Wahlberg Century Theatre in Federal Way B- B- Ian went with us also 
09-03-2006 Crank Jason Statham & Amy Smart Moses Lake, WA  
05-29-2005 Crash Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle & Sandra Bullock Yelm Cinemas A- A+  
02-06-2010 Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges Regal Martin Village 16 B-  
08-01-2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling Regal Martin Village 16 B-  
12-19-2002 Dark Blue Kurt Russell Unknown/Do not remember Walked out of movie 
11-09-2014 Dawn of the Planet of Apes Some actors dressed in Ape suits :-) Federal Way Gateway 8 B- B- Took Brennan and Nolan 
01-06-2007 Deja Vu Denzel Washington Blue Mouse B- B-  
08-18-2013 Despictable Me 2 Steve Carrell Century Theatres B+ B+ Went with Ian, Brennan and Nolan 
12-17-2002 Die Another Day Halle Berry Unknown/Do not remember Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
04-05-2014 Divergent Cate Winslett and Ashley Judd Regal Martin Village 16 B- B+  
10-15-2011 Dolphin Tale Ashley Judd Regal Martin Village 16 C- B- Took Brennan and Nolan 
11-10-2001 Domestic Disturbance John Travolta Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- C+  
07-23-2016 Dough Some actors Tacoma Grand Cinema C+  
10-01-2011 Drive Ryan Gosling Century Theatres B-  
11-19-2005 Elizabethtown Orlando Bloom & Kirsten Dunst South Hill Cinemas D+ B+  
01-29-2017 Elle A bunch of French actors Tacoma Grand Cinema D-  
12-23-2002 Enough Jennifer Lopez Unknown/Do not remember C+ Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
03-27-2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Jim Carrey Lakewood Cinemas 15 D+ B-  
07-18-2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore Lakewood Cinemas 15 A- A-  
07-01-2011 Fast Five Vin Diesel Olympic Club Theatre Went also with Ian and Tara 
09-29-2007 Feast Of Love Greg Kinnear & Morgan Freeman Regal Martin Village 16  
01-01-2017 Fences Denzel Washington Century Theatres C+ C+  
10-28-2006 Flags Of Our Fathers Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford & Adam Beach Regal Martin Village 16 A+  
11-20-2005 Flight Plan Jodi Foster Regal Longston Place 14  
03-14-2015 Focus Will Smith and Margot Robbins Lacey Cinemas B- B-  
01-31-2015 Foxcatcher Steve Carrell Tacoma Grand Cinema  
04-24-2007 Fracture Anthony Hopkins & Ryan Gosling Regal Martin Village 16  
10-17-2004 Friday Night Lights Billy Bob Thornton Lakewood Cinemas 15 D-  
01-04-2003 Gangs of New York Leonardo DiCaprio & Daniel Day-Lewis Lakewood Cinemas 15 C-  
02-22-2003 Gods and Generals Robert Duvall & Jeff Daniels Lakewood Cinemas 15  
05-18-2014 Godzilla Acting? It was bad acting Century Theatres C- Took Brennan and Nolan 
10-31-2007 Gone Baby Gone Casy Affleck, Ed Harris & Morgan Freeman Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
10-11-2014 Gone Girl Ben Affleck Century Theatres  
01-31-2009 Gran Torino Clint Eastwood Regal Martin Village 16 We first saw The Reader and then Gran Torino 
10-26-2013 Gravity Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Century Theatres B-  
10-26-2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Some actors Olympic Club Theatre C- Took Brennan and Nolan 
11-13-2016 Hacksaw Ridge Some actors Regal Martin Village 16 A-  
07-18-2008 Hancock Will Smith Century Theatres We first walked out of Wanted and then saw Hancock 
03-17-2002 Harrison's Flowers Andy McDowell Unknown/Do not remember D+ C+  
01-20-2012 Haywire Michael Douglas Regal Martin Village 16 C- Ian went with us 
08-27-2016 Hell Or High Water Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ B-  
01-18-2014 Her Joaquim Phoenix and Amy Adams Century Theatres B- B-  
11-13-2010 Hereafter Matt Damon Regal Martin Village 16  
09-19-2006 Hollywoodland Ben Affleck & Diane Lane Regal Martin Village 16 B+ B+  
03-19-2005 Hostage Bruce Willis Lakewood Cinemas 15  
01-03-2004 House of Sand & Fog Ben Kingsley & Jennifer Connelly Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- B-  
06-15-2014 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Animated Lakewood Cinemas 15  
02-03-2002 I Am Sam Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning Unknown/Do not remember A-  
07-21-2007 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Adam Sandler & Kevin James Century Theatres C+ C+  
08-21-2004 I Robot Will Smith Galaxy Cinemas 6 B- B-  
01-24-2004 In America Paddy Considine & Samantha Morton Tacoma Grand Cinema A+  
11-02-2003 In The Cut Meg Ryan Lakewood Cinemas 15  
08-01-2010 Inception Leonard DiCaprio Regal Martin Village 16 B-  
06-15-2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Harrison Ford Century Theatres  
12-18-2002 Insomnia Robin Williams and Al Pacino Unknown/Do not remember B- C+ Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
11-08-2014 Interstellar Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain Regal Martin Village 16  
10-12-2003 Intolerable Cruelty George Clooney & Catherine Zeeta-Jones Galaxy Cinemas 6  
07-27-2013 Ironman3 Robert Downey, Jr. Olympic Club Theatre Went with Brennan and Nolan 
04-22-2012 Jeff who lives at home Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon Tacoma Grand Cinema B+ B+  
04-19-2014 Joe Nicholas Cage Tacoma Grand Cinema B-  
12-31-2001 Joe Somebody Tim Allen Unknown/Do not remember C- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
04-01-2012 John Carter Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins The Commons century Theatres went with Brennan and Nolan 
12-15-2002 John Q Denzel Washington Unknown/Do not remember Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
02-11-2012 Journey 2 The Rock Regal Martin Village 16 Went with Brennan and Nolan 
01-22-2006 King Kong Jack Black & Naomi Watts Regal Martin Village 16  
02-08-2014 Labor Day Cate Winslett, Josh Brolin and Toby McGuire Century Theatres A+ A+  
10-10-2004 Ladder 49 Joaquim Phoenix & John Travolta Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
01-13-2018 Lady Bird Saoirse Ronan and Larie Metcalf Tacoma Grand Cinema C+ B-  
09-20-2008 Lakeview Terrace Samuel L. Jackson Lakewood Cinemas 15  
01-20-2007 Letters From Iwo Jima Ken Watanabe & Kazunari Nimomiya Lakewood Cinemas 15 C-  
12-27-2001 Life as a House Kevin Kline & Kristin Scott Thomas Unknown/Do not remember C- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
02-23-2003 Life of David Gale Kevin Spacey & Kate Winslet Lakewood Cinemas 15 A-  
01-28-2017 Lion Nicole Kidman Lacey Cinemas  
06-14-2014 Locke Tom Hardy Tacoma Grand Cinema B-  
03-03-2012 Lorax Danny DiVito Yelm Cinemas Went also with Sunny, Allison, Ray, Brennan and Nolan 
10-04-2003 Lost in Translation Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansson Lacey Cinemas  
06-28-2015 Love and Mercy John Cusak Tacoma Grand Cinema B-  
05-22-2004 Man On Fire Denzel Washington Lakewood Cinemas 15  
01-01-2017 Manchester by the Sea Casey Affleck Regal Martin Village 16 B+ A-  
01-09-2009 Marley & Me Owen Wilson & Jennifer Anniston Midway Theatre, Chehalis D+ D+ We took Brennan and Nolan 
09-13-2003 Matchstick Men Nicolas Cage & Alison Lohman Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
09-28-2014 Maze Runner Some actors Lincoln Town Cinemas C+ Took Brennan and Nolan 
03-25-2005 Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwoord, Hillary Swank & Morgan Freeman Lakewood Cinemas 15 A- A+  
12-28-2002 Minority Report Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell Unknown/Do not remember B- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
12-26-2011 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise Midway Theatre, Chehalis B- B- Went also woth Ian, Brennan and Nolan 
01-16-2017 Moana Animated film Olympic Club Theatre C+ Took Brennan and Nolan 
02-07-2004 Monster Charlize Theron & Christina Ricci Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
04-04-2009 Monsters vs. Aliens  Century Theatres B- Went with Ian, Desiree, Brennan & Nolan 
05-26-2013 Mud Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon Regal Martin Village 16  
02-17-2007 Music and Lyrics Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore Regal Martin Village 16  
10-26-2003 Mystic River Seann Penn, Tim Robbins & Kevin Bacon Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- B-  
11-24-2007 No Country For Old Men Tommy Lee Jones Century Theatres A- A-  
10-22-2005 North Country Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson & Sissy Spacek Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
08-01-2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Brad Pitt and Leonardo DaCaprio Lacey Cinemas  
07-23-2023 Oppenheimer Matt Damon Regal Martin Village 16 B+ Nolan went with us 
10-11-2003 Out of Time Denzel Washington Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
03-31-2002 Panic Room Jody Foster Lakewood Mall Cinemas C+  
05-28-2001 Pearl Harbor Ben Afflect & Josh Hartnett Unknown/Do not remember C- C-  
09-04-2016 Pete's Dragon A buncha actors Regal Martin Village 16 B- Took Brennan and Nolan 
04-06-2003 Phone Booth Colin Farrell & Kiefer Sutherland Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
08-30-2008 Pineapple Express Seth Rogen & James Franco Regal Martin Village 16 We first saw Pineapple Express & then Vicky Christina Barcelona 
03-18-2007 Premonition Sandra Bullock Regal Martin Village 16 B-  
07-03-2009 Public Enemies Johnny Depp & Christian Bale Wenatchee, WA D+  
04-02-2011 Rango Johnny Depp, Ned Beatty and Harry Dean Stanton Century Theatres B- C+ We took Brennan and Nolan 
10-31-2007 Rendition Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Alan Arkin & Meryl Streep Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
01-05-2020 Richard Jewel John Hamm Century Theatres A+  
12-26-2001 Riding in Cars with Boys Drew Barrymore Yelm Cinemas B- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
12-26-2002 Road To Perdition Tom Hanks and Paul Newman Unknown/Do not remember A- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
10-19-2003 Runaway Jury Dustin Hoffman & Gene Hackman Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ B-  
02-28-2006 Running Scared Paul Walker Regal Martin Village 16 B- B-  
09-12-2001 Rush Hour 2 Jackie Chan California B-  
05-11-2012 Safe Jason Stratham Century Theatres C+ C+ Went with Ian 
08-09-2003 Seabiscuit Tobey Maguire & Jeff Bridges Lacey Cinemas B+  
03-13-2004 Secret Window Johnny Depp Lakewood Cinemas 15 B- B-  
10-30-2010 Secretariat Diane Lane and John Malkovich Regal Martin Village 16 B+ Nolan and Grandpa went to see this movie 
06-23-2012 Seeking a friend for the end of the world Steve Carrell Century Theatres  
01-07-2012 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law Midway Theatre, Chehalis Went with Ian and we all three walked out!!! 
02-10-2002 Shipping News Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore Unknown/Do not remember B-  
04-01-2007 Shooter Mark Wahlberg Yelm Cinemas B- C+  
10-20-2004 Sideways Paul Giamatti & Thomas Hayden Church Tacoma Grand Cinema A- A-  
08-10-2002 Signs Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix Lakewood Cinemas 15  
07-16-2003 Sinbad: Legend of the 7 Seas Brad Pitt & Catherine Zeta-Jones Lakewood Town Mall  
01-25-2009 Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle, Madhur Mittal, Freida Pinto & Anil Kapoor Regal Martin Village 16 C- A+  
08-01-2014 Snowpiercer Some actors of course Tacoma Grand Cinema we walked out of it halfway through it 
12-16-2002 Solaris George Clooney Unknown/Do not remember Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
12-28-2001 Someone Like You Ashley Judd & Greg Kinnear Unknown/Do not remember Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
05-21-2011 Source Code Jake Gyllenhaal Century Theatres C+  
12-18-2004 Spanglish Adam Sandler & Tea Leoni Yelm Cinemas D+ D+  
05-05-2007 Spiderman 3 Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst Regal Martin Village 16 Took Brennan and Nolan 
06-18-2011 Super 8 Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard Century Theatres  
02-01-2009 Taken Liam Nelson Regal Martin Village 16 B- Went with Ian and Desiree 
03-20-2004 Taking Lives Angelina Jolie Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
07-09-2003 Terminator 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger & Claire Danes Universal Studios - Orlando, FL B+  
07-19-2015 Testament of Youth Some english actors Tacoma Grand Cinema C- B-  
03-10-2018 The 15:17 to Paris A bunch of actors who acted South Hill Cinemas Took Nolan, Brennan and Evan 
03-14-2011 The Adjustment Bureau Matt Damon Regal Martin Village 16 C+ B-  
07-03-2014 The Amazing Spiderman 2 Does it really matter? Federal Way Gateway 8 D- Took Brennan and Nolan 
02-05-2005 The Aviator Leonard DiCaprio & Cate Blanchette Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
03-22-2008 The Bank Job Jason Strathan Lakewood Mall Cinemas  
05-01-2010 The Book Of Eli Denzel Washington Federal Way Gateway 8  
02-22-2004 The Butterfly Effect Ashton Kutcher Lakewood Cinemas 15 B+  
01-31-2004 The Cooler William H. Macy & Alec Baldwin Tacoma Grand Cinema C- B-  
12-28-2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchette Midway Theatre, Chehalis A- A-  
05-30-2006 The DaVinci Code Tom Hanks Regal Martin Village 16 C+  
05-29-2004 The Day After Tomorrow Dennis Quaid Astoria, OR  
09-22-2011 The Debt Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington Century Theatres D- Took Ian and Tara with us 
10-07-2006 The Departed Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson & Leonard DiCaprio Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
02-25-2012 The Descendants George Cloobey Auburn Supermall Theatres  
10-02-2004 The Forgotten Julianne Moore & Gary Sinise Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ B+  
08-08-2015 The Gift Jaspn Bateman Regal Cinemas 12 in Longview  
08-30-2014 The Giver Jeff Bridges Stark Theatre in Greshem, OR A-  
08-12-2017 The Glass Castle Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson Lacey Cinemas B- B-  
09-22-2001 The Glass House Diane Lane & LeeLee Sobieski Unknown/Do not remember B-  
01-28-2007 The Good Shepherd Matt Damon, William Hurt & Angelina Jolie Lakewood Town Center 12 Seen with Ian and Desiree 
07-19-2014 The Grand Seduction Brendan Gleeson Tacoma Grand Cinema  
07-01-2009 The Hangover Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms & Zach Galifianakis Moses Lake, WA B-  
12-30-2001 The Heist Gene Hackman & Danny DeVito Unknown/Do not remember Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
07-01-2017 The Hero Sam Elliott Tacoma Grand Cinema B- C+  
12-22-2002 The Hours Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman Unknown/Do not remember B- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
11-09-2003 The Human Stain Anthony Hopkins & Gary Sinise Tacoma Grand Cinema B-  
09-11-2016 The Infiltrator Bryan Cranston Federal Way Gateway 8 B-  
05-15-2005 The Interpreter Nicole Kidman & Sean Pean Lakewood Cinemas 15  
10-25-2014 The Judge Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall Yelm Cinemas B+ B+  
04-28-2012 The Kid with a Bike Cecile De France and Thomas Doret Tacoma Grand Cinema French movie with subtitles 
04-09-2011 The Lincoln Lawyer Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe and Marisa Tomei Century Theatres B- B-  
09-17-2011 The Lion King Animated movie Regal Martin Village 16 Took Brennan, Nolan and Allison 
08-09-2019 The Lion King Some actors Movie Theatre in Helena, Montana C+ Brennan and Nolan were with us 
09-27-2008 The Lucky Ones Tim Robbins & Michael Pena Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+  
12-22-2001 The Majestic Jim Carrey & Martin Landau Medford, OR A-  
11-22-2015 The Martian Matt Damon Century Theatres  
02-21-2006 The Matador Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear & Hope Davis Narrows Theatre B-  
05-22-2016 The Meddler Susan Sarandan Tacoma Grand Cinema  
12-09-2006 The Nativity Story Keisha Castle-Hughes & Oscar Isaac Regal Martin Village 16 C- C-  
10-21-2018 The Old Man and The Gun Robert Redford and Susie Spacek Tacoma Grand Cinema D+  
03-06-2004 The Passion Of The Christ James Caviezel Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ C+  
12-21-2002 The Pianist Adrian Brody Tacoma Grand Cinema A+ Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
04-26-2014 The Railway Man Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman Tacoma Grand Cinema C+ B+  
01-31-2009 The Reader Kate Winslet & Ralph Fiennes Regal Martin Village 16 C+ C+ We first saw The Reader and then Gran Torino 
01-10-2016 The Revenant Leonardo DeCaprio Century Theatres A-  
04-04-2012 The Secret Life of Arietta Animated Olympic Club Theatre went with Sunny, Mike, Ray, Allison, Brennan and Nolan 
04-29-2006 The Sentinel Michael Douglas Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
09-27-2014 The Skeleton Twins Some actors Tacoma Grand Cinema B+ B+  
11-06-2010 The Social Network Justin Timberlake Century Theatres  
10-16-2004 The Story of the Weeping Camel  Lakewood Cinemas 15 D+  
06-13-2009 The Taking of Pelham 123 John Travolta & Denzel Washington Regal Martin Village 16 B-  
06-20-2004 The Terminal Tom Hanks Lakewood Cinemas 15  
10-09-2010 The Town Ben Affleck Century Theatres B+  
12-24-2002 The Truth About Charlie Mark Wahlberg and Tim Robbins Unknown/Do not remember A- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
12-31-2007 The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep  Regal Martin Village 16 B- We took Brennan and Nolan 
02-26-2012 This Means War Reese Witherspoon Century Theatre in Federal Way  
01-07-2018 Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson Tacoma Grand Cinema A-  
03-17-2002 Time Machine Jeremy Irons Unknown/Do not remember  
09-07-2010 Toy Story 3 Tom Hanks, Tim Allen & Ned Beaty Regal Martin Village 16  
10-12-2014 Tracks Mia Wasikowska Tacoma Grand Cinema B- A+  
09-22-2002 Trapped Kevin Bacon and Charlize Theron Unknown/Do not remember C- C-  
06-06-2004 Troy Brad Pitt Lakewood Cinemas 15 B-  
04-26-2015 True Story James Franco Tacoma Grand Cinema B- B-  
05-05-2018 Tully Charlize Theron and Ron Livingston Tacoma Grand Cinema C+  
12-20-2002 Two Weeks Notice Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant Unknown/Do not remember C+ Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
03-07-2015 Unbroken Jack O'Connell Federal Way Gateway 8 B+ B+  
01-04-2020 Uncut Gems Adam Sandler Tacoma Grand Cinema C- C-  
01-02-2011 Unstoppable Denzel Washington Olympic Club Theatre B- B-  
07-06-2009 Up Ed Asner & Christopher Plummer Midway Theatre, Chehalis B- Took Brennan & Nolan 
01-01-2010 Up in the Air George Clooney Century Theatres B-  
12-29-2001 Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise & Penelope Cruz Unknown/Do not remember A- Year is certain. Month and day are unknown 
08-30-2008 Vicky Christina Barcelona Scarlett Johansson Regal Martin Village 16 We first saw Pineapple Express & then Vicky Christina Barcelona 
07-18-2008 Wanted Angelina Jolie Century Theatres We walked out of this movie half way in to it 
01-02-2012 War Horse None that we would know Regal Martin Village 16 D- Ian went with us 
08-07-2005 War of the Worlds Tom Cruise & Dakota Fanning Lakewood Cinemas 15 C+ C+  
04-23-2011 Water for Elephants Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon Century Theatres B+ B+  
01-03-2015 Wild Reese Witherspoon Regal Martin Village 16 B+  
01-15-2018 Wonder Owen Wilson andf Julia Roberts Regal Martin Village 16  
03-11-2007 Zodiac Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo & Robert Downey, Jr. Regal Martin Village 16 A- A-  

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