1966 Ford Station Wagon This is the car that Lena owned when we first met Used 
197x Ford F-150 Purchased a camper for it and we have great memories of weekends on camping trips with it. Sold the truck and the camper in order to be able to have a down payment for the home on Marquette Used 
1976 Ford Maverick Referred to at my work as the 'BLUE BOMBER'. It eventually lost main gear and would only drive in second gear. Sold it for next to nothing in Aberdeen Used 
2000 Ford F-250 Blew an engine while driving it home from Eastern Washington. Replaced the engine with rebuilt engine. Sold in 2011 Used 
198x Ford Windstar mini-van Purchased from private party. Six months later the engine blew! Used 
2002 Ford Ranger $1,000 beater than will hopefully last me from when I bought it (May 4, 2018) until I retire on October 1, 2019 Used