New Cars, Trucks, Cycles Purchased

1980 Mazda 626 Lena and I drove on my Honda 350 motorcycle to Mazda dealer in Puyallup and we ended up buying this car new there. Years later we had the car re-apolstered and Ian threw up on those new seats and the engine blew a few days after that! New 
198x Motorcycle Suzuki 450 Purchased new at Paulsen's in Lacey. Lena sold this motorcycle when Ian and I were at Boy Scout Camp Thunderbird for $450 New 
1987 Toyota Celica Purchased new at Titus Will in Tacoma. We traded this in for the new Nissan Altima New 
1995 Nissan Altima Purchased new in Puyallup. Traded it in for the 2004 Volvo S40 New 
2004 Volvo S40 Purchased new at Topping Volvo in Olympia. We gave this car to Ian in 2011 New 
2004 Chevrolet Colorado Beautiful four door pickup. Howevr; it had only a 5 cylinder engine and wouldn't be able to pull my newly acquired horse trailer. Traded it in for the Honda Hybrid and bought a GMC pickup for the horse trailer New 
2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Purchased new in Tacoma. Sold it in 2008 so as to have down payment for home on 8131 105th Ave SW New 
2011 Kia Sedona Purchased new at Car Pros in Tacoma. Traded it in six months later for the 2011 Honda Insight. This minivan was a nice vehicle - it simply got terrible MPG New 
2011 Honda Insight (Hybrid) Purchased new in Olympia. Great gas mileage! (45-49 MPG) New